Vallecito Wash
Vallecito Wash is an easy route as far as terrain goes but there is plenty
of soft sand to get stuck in. Once our thrill seekers exited Oriflamme
Canyon they hooked up with S2 heading north a few miles to the
Butterfield Overland Route before heading east through the Vallecito Wash..
Built in the 1850's by John Butterfield, this 2800 mile stagecoach route from
Missouri to San Francisco took 25 days. Passengers had to get out & help
push the stage over the pass. Hence the name "Foot & Walker Pass".
Our brave crew had to do the same thing when they came across a
couple stuck in the deep sand of Little Blair Valley.
Here's an unusual site for out in the middle of the desert.
See the post sticking up at the far end of the sandstone ridge above?
Let's get a little closer.......
It looks like a sign post!
What the heck is it doing way out here?
Hollywood & Vine?
Oh those crazy Californians!
Agave Cactus
(por la tequila)
"Pumpkin Patch"
In the northern part of Anza-Borrega Desert.
Blooming Ocotillo
Cholla Cactus
Prickly Pear Cactus
Ocotillo Bloom
Beaver Tail Cactus
Screw Bean Mesquite
Catclaw Bush
Also called "Wait-a-minute Bush"
It has hooked thorns that can grab you like a cat!