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The cakes pictured here range in price from $4 ~ $6 / person
and are available in the flavors listed below.
You will be able to do a tasting to choose your flavors & style.
Almond Poppy Seed: Our Light yellow cake w/ a hint of almond & poppy seeds, coupled w/
pineapple mousse.

Butterscotch Treat: Light butterscotch cake w/ airy butterscotch mousse.

Carrot: A favorite homemade recipe with walnuts & a sweet cream cheese filling.

Champagne w/ Raspberry Mousse: Light, angelic white snowflake cake flavored with real
champagne, then paired with raspberry flavored mousse and raspberry jam.

Chocolate Mousse: Amazingly light chocolate cake with an airy chocolate mousse.

Classic Combo: The same as our chocolate mousse, but this one has a layer of rich, sweet
fudge, which makes it very chocolaty—not for the chocolate faint of heart.

Black Forest: Moist chocolate cake, chocolate mousse & a thin layer of raspberry, strawberry
or cherry filling.

Chocolate w/ Fresh Bananas: Moist chocolate cake, light banana mousse packed with freshly
sliced bananas, add a layer of fudge to make it even more delightful.

Chocolate Mint Dobash: Chocolate cake, mint mousse & a layer of rich chocolate dobash.

Chocolate Peanut Butter: Chocolate peanut butter cake with peanut butter folded into the
mousse, and a layer of fudge to top it off.

European Apple: Delightful, complex spices, real apples & walnuts combined w/ a middle
filling of Bavarian Spice mousse make this sweet apple cake very unique & moist.

German Chocolate: Moist chocolate cake, homemade German chocolate filling with pecans
and coconut.

Lemon Kiss: Light lemon cake with lemon mousse & two thin layers of lemon jam.

Marble: Chocolate & vanilla swirled together with our light chocolate mousse in the middle

Peaches ’n Cream: Our pudding chiffon—yellow cake-with peach slices drifting throughout
& peach mousse.

Pudding Chiffon: Our moist yellow cake with our light Bavarian cream, one thin layer of
raspberry & one thin layer of lemon, cherry or strawberry jam.

Strawberry Parfait: Strawberry cake w/ strawberries pureed throughout, with strawberry
mousse in the middle with chunks of strawberries in the mousse.

White Chocolate Delight: White chocolate cake with bits of white chocolate, coconut &
pecans, & a rich layer of sweet custard in the middle.

Snowflake White: Our white cake with our light Bavarian cream, one thin layer of raspberry
& one thin layer of lemon, cherry or strawberry jam. This cake is also a tasty favorite when
filled with fresh strawberries.

Fresh Strawberry: Yellow cake with strawberry mousse packed with fresh, large, sweet
strawberries & two thin layers of strawberry jam—a Spring & Summer favorite.

Cranberry Orange Pecan: Yellow cake with crisp cranberries & pecans, & light, tangy
orange mousse, a Fall favorite.

Pumpkin Chocolate Chip: Moist pumpkin cake with sweet chocolate chips & walnuts, &
Bavarian cream in the middle—a Fall favorite.

Whipped Cream with Shaved White Chocolate: Our most popular frosting. Light & airy
whipped cream w/ shaved white chocolate.

Whipped Cream: Light & airy whipped cream frosting, smooth & elegant.

Buttercream: This homemade English toffee buttercream is traditionally sweet & rich.

Chocolate Buttercream: Rich chocolate buttercream with a cocoa tan color.

Chocolate Cream with Shaved White or Dark Chocolate: Light chocolate cream decorated
with shaved white chocolate or bittersweet dark chocolate.

Cream Cheese on Top: Homemade, rich & sweet on top. Choose one of the above frostings
for the sides of the cake
Cake Flavors