Canyon Sin Nombre
(Canyon with no name)
Getting into Canyon Sin Nombre is another easy route through the
Vallecito Creek Wash. Again, lots of soft sand so stay on the trail!
There are some incredible geological formations in this area.
The slot canyons are great places to get out of the hot, desert sun but
there is a down side, so to speak. This area sits right on top of the San
Andreas fault & most of the canyon walls are composed of sandstone.
You do the math!
Check out the dykes above on either side of Hugh.
Below you can clearly see the dikes & joints of white
quartz running through the cliffs.
The composition of the canyon walls changes dramatically from sandstone to
metamorphic rock as you enter the canyon. Our rock hounds found granite, quartz,
hornblende, tourmaline & chalcedony.
But no garnet, darn it!
No Saphires either.
Believed to have been associated with female fertility
rituals, this large "Yoni" was found near Shaman's Cave.
You should never take flash photos of cave paintings as it fades the colors.
So, I pulled these off the
Anza-Borrego Desert website.