On this extreme adventure, the Junk Yard Dog was accompanied by

X-XJ Rob w/his 93 Cherokee XJ

This run started out great with an exceptional trek through Chariot Canyon. The team worked their way
around Chariot Mountain before starting the steep decent into Oriflamme Canyon. It is very steep & loose
with tight switchbacks. It was so green from all the rain we've been having this year it was beautiful.
The team hit S2 north about 5 miles to the turn off to Pinyon Mountain.
This is one of the more  extreme routes in the Borrego Desert & should not be underestimated.

Inexperienced off-roaders should avoid this route!
Pinyon Mountain
& The Squeeze
Beaver Tail Cactus
Heading up Pinyon Mountain
Once that obstacle was conquered there was a rough winding road up
the mountain for a few miles until the next obstacle appeared.....
"The Squeeze"
This is one way from this point on. There's no turning back
once you go through The Squeeze. It's just not an option.
That was tight w/only minor body damage.
But the fun wasn't over yet. Next up.........
"Pinyon Dropoff"
California Poppys
So far everything was great. The vehicles were performing well & the team was in good
spirits. And then, without warning, X-XJ Rob came over the top of little Pinyon Dropoff,
just above the BIG Pinyon Dropoff. His left front wheel dropped into a hole & stopped &
the rest of the vehicle kept on going. Over he went. The winch crew was able to right it
after a couple of hours of struggle. They cleaned up the fluids that had evacuated the
vehicle & their bodies & replenished them, fired it up & drove it the rest of the way off
the mountain.
This is why he's called "X" XJ Rob now. His XJ is not salvageable.
Looking out towards the Borrego Badlands parked in the site of the old stage coach stations