Superstition Mountain
January 14 - 15 2006
This was an event organized by the San Diego 4 Wheelers.
Runs were offered from mild to wild, rated 1 - 5.
Each group was limited to about 15 rigs per route.
I opted for a 4.5 run the 1st day & a 3.5 run the 2nd.
Waiting on the Tilted Table run for a Toyota
that had turned his drive shaft into a pretzel.
Team XJ
Josh striking a pose before changing into his super hero tights & cape.
I was forced to bail from the run after lunch to replace some nuts that had
vibrated loose. There's nothing worse than loose nuts.
The Lost Dutchman run
Once repairs were made it was time to head to the dunes to play in the sand box.
Off to Truckhaven the following weekend for more vehicular abuse.
Truckhaven is a maze of canyons w/steep & rough climbs & descents.
Here's a few of the other rigs that were present.
The only parts left of the original FJ are 3/4 of the frame, the hood & the glove box
I have no idea what this guy was planning.
"Dude, where's my bumper"
1951 Military issue w/HUGE winch