~ My Rides ~
Here are some pics of all the vehicles I have ever owned.
Some of these photos are not of the actual vehicles
but they are the same year & model.
I tried to put them in chronological order
of ownership to the best of my memory.
1996 Jeep Cherokee XJ
"Junk Yard Dog"
1966 Opel Kadett
My 1st "street legal" car!
Purchase price in 1970 ... $600
Today's ebay value... $300 - $4000
1966 Triumph Spitfire
This car was a lot of fun.
Purchase price in 1972 ... $950
Today's ebay value... $255-$11,900
1964 Mercedes 220SB
White leather interior.
A steering wheel the size of a bicycle wheel.
4 speed on the column & a
"thermometer" style speedometer that
changed colors the faster you went;
green to yellow to red.
Big comfy seats. I restored this vehicle
after it had been submerged in a
flood up to the windows.
Purchase price in 1974 .....
I traded even for the Triumph.
Today's ebay value ... $200-$180,000
1965 VW Bus w/pop up roof
Oh yes, I had a hippie van.
BIG tunes, shag carpet, the works.

"I use to have long hair, now I'm longing for hair."

Purchase price in 197? ... $500
I can't remember exactly when I owned this vehicle, you understand.)

I later purchased a '63 bus from my buddy Getch.
I tricked out a '72 engine for it w/dual ported heads, big bore
kit, Weber Bug Spray carb, tuned exhaust & wide, low profile
tires. I also converted it all over to 12V from 6V.
It would do 100 mph!
Today's ebay value ... $100-$26,200
1972 MGB GT
This was probably the best handling car I ever owned,
until I hit a patch of ice & smacked it into a tree.
Purchase price in 1976 ... $1500
Today's ebay value ... $200-$17,000
1968 Oldsmobile Vista Cruiser
Ahh, the Olds Vista Cruiser. I had to do a complete rebuild of the V8 on this
baby to get her to go. But man did she go after that!
What a great cruiser.The interior was cavernous to say the least.
Purchase price in 1977 ... $350
Today's ebay value ... $650 - $19,900
1978 Saab 99
I tore out the rear seat from this Saab & built a bed in the back.
I built in cabinets & counter tops on each side w/a propane stove on 1 side & a
12" sink in the other. 1 cabinet was a ice box. This was my mini camper. I drove
it from Vermont to Alaska. Put a set of snow tires on this rig & it will go
Purchase price in 1980 ... $2500
Today's ebay value... $500 - $10,000
1958 Lloyd Alexander
Odometer reads 14000
I purchased this beauty at a junk yard. Check out the suicide doors.
I tore it apart, rebuilt the 600cc, 2 cylinder air cooled engine & put it into
storage. It is still, to this day, sitting in pieces in my buddy's barn in Vermont.
Someday she will see the road again.
Purchase price in 1977 ... $50
Today's ebay value ... priceless!
1965 Ford Fairlane
Mine wasn't nearly as nice as this sweet
thang but it got me from here to there
Purchase price in 1979 ...1 horse.
Yes, I actually traded a horse for this car.
I guess that makes me a "horse trader".
Today's ebay value ... $200-$39,900
1979 Yamaha IT 250
This was my 1st brand new vehicle.
I bought it right off the showroom floor & raced enduros around New England
for a few years. I think I sold it for $50 after I had driven it into the ground.
I was completely rebuilding it twice a season when I was racing.
It was "state of the art" in it's time.
It has a lot of original concepts that are still in use today.
Purchase price in 1979 ... $2500
Today's ebay value .... $250 - $1600
Looks like they beat me off the starting line .... again!
Starting 3 bikes at a time every minute.
Hey, I placed 2nd in my class though. Not too shabby.
With enduros you need to use more of a tortoise & hare strategy.
I owned several of these tough little rigs.
We used to buy them at the junk yard for $25.
We would strip all the fenders off & sometimes even cut the roof off
& lose the doors. We would drive them on the logging roads for miles
through the Vermont mountains sides. You wouldn't belief the abuse
these things would take & keep going.
Strap your helmet on, strap your ass in & hang on for dear life!
The original 1960's VW Bug
1968 Yamaha DT 250 Enduro
I drove this thing into the ground.
Today's ebay value... $250-$1,000
1965 Honda 175
My 1st motorcycle. Never was street legal.
Today's ebay value... $250-$1,000